Billericay Business Networking Blog – 24th Feb 2014

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 25th February 2014.

19 members present with apologies for absence from Brian Painter, Adam Hotson and Mark Waller.

It was an inauspicious start, the Leadership Team introduced themselves rather unsuccessfully to the meeting.

Jim-you’re the Meetings Committee Chairman not secretary.
Anne – you are the events co-ordinator. Social Secretary was close but it took you far too long to remember.
Scott-I know everybody does know who you are but you weren’t quite sure how to describe what you did.
Nige-you got closest but I was slightly distracted by the long tube or hose lying beside you, although more of that later.

Billericay Business networking review – 18th Feb

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 18th February 2014.

20, Members in all and two guests David Kendall from a carpet and upholstery firm invited by Fred Harcourt and Dean Caldon a regular Estate Agent/Letting Agent- Brentwood visitor.

Once again a good turn out with apologies for absence from Peter Hall and Steve Hayes.

Spirits were uplifted by a morning where day light was upon us as we kicked off.

Business Networking Meeting 13th Feb 2014

Brentwood Business Networking Meeting, 13th Feb

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 13th February 2014.

20 members present including newly inducted member Alan Moller. Alan has visited the Billericay meeting on at least 3 occasions and took a leap in the dark and joined Brentwood, without having previously attended the meeting. He seemed to come through the experience unscathed.

Other visitors were Kevin Smith and Simon Baldock, visiting us again, both expressing the wish to join us. Gary Waskett from Anthony Batty might be renewing their membership so, all in all a good turnout both from the point of view of members and visitors.

Billericay Business Networking Review – 11th Feb

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog for Tuesday 11th February 2014.

20 members present and 2 visitors Dean Caldon from the Brentwood Meeting and Tim Farmer, Basil Fawlty Impersonator…and I am proud to record at the outset that we reached the end of the meeting without mentioning the war!

Paul Lefever attended his first meeting as a new member despite not having received my telephone voice mail message congratulating him . Somewhere in the country there is someone saying “ ‘Eh!, our mother, did you ‘ear that message from a bloke from EEEEE,BF”. There was also one really outstanding apology for absence, Iain Douglas actually attended specifically for this purpose, an effort that properly deserves points.

New member Vivienne Nwalema was duly inducted and received her EBF goody bag.

Billericay Business networking Blog – 4th Feb 2014

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog, Tuesday 4th February 2014

Numbers just keep on improving!! 21 members present and 4 visitors; Hayley Lunt from Lloyds Commercial Banking, 2 Electricians Alan Moller and Paul Lefever (Paul Lefever’s application for membership was approved by the committee at the end of the meeting). Finally Dean Caldon was visiting from the Brentwood meeting.
25 in all.

Brentwood Business networking blog from Essex Business Forum 30th Jan

Chairman’s Blog Thursday 30th January 2014.

22 present with 2 guests Roger Froment from Circle Services Group for the second week running and Jay French who provides Concierge Services.

David Plumley was suitably topical by referring to the current water logged state of the Somerset Levels as being a symptom of neglect and that similarly we should make sure that we do not similarly neglect our businesses by failing to attend our customers, attend EBF meetings and generally be diligent in looking after our interests. Which sort of followed on from Terry Maylin’s Ed Slot last week that pointed out that failure to attend meetings, not only means you will not give any referrals but also you will not receive any. A message worth repeating .