Business Networking meeting review 3rd April

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 3rd April 2014.

A reasonably good turnout – 20 in all.

Everyone was anticipating the return of Ed Crocker and it was not for want of trying. Following the meeting Terry Maylin has been able to report to us of his accident at a Toll Booth approaching the Dartford River Crossing. Best wishes to Ed for a speedy recovery from his broken bones and cuts and bruises. Certainly when the prizes are given out at the end of this year, best and most convincing apology for absence will be his for the taking?

Billericay Business Networking – 1st April 2014

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 1st April 2014

All Fools Day; I was on the lookout for April fool’s day jokes but was largely disappointed.

To start with every member turned up, apart from Iain Douglas and Robert Mayes both of whom sent their apologies.

We had two guests, Chris Adams returned following an earlier visit and promptly made an application to join which application was ratified and accepted by committee after the meeting and Dean Caldon once again visited us from EBF Brentwood.

The performance league had a winner for the month of March, Christine Arnold, no April fool’s joke here, well done Christine.

Brentwood Business Networking Meeting – 27th March

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 2014.

A good turnout – 22 members present.

The Ed Slot was delivered by Scott Griffiths with a very useful warning to take care when copying from the internet not to breach copyright or “steal” material. He gave 2 useful illustrations and warned of the dire consequences. It is always useful when a member who has experience in a particular area can give us an insight into things that might affect us in our day to day businesses.

Business Networking in Billericay – 25th March

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 25th March 2014.

16 members present.

Paul Lefever’s sub Dan Tarrant joined 2 other guests, Dean Smith a Roofer and David Dumbell a Photographer, the latter 2 of which have taken away application forms with enthusiastic indications that they will be returning next week.

19 in all saw the meeting kicked off with apologies for absence from Iain Douglas and Jim Henshaw.

Billericay Business Networking Meeting – 18th March

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog, Tuesday 18th March 2014.

Small turnout, 16 in all but matching apologies for absence;

Nige Kirby delivered a useful Ed Slot, suggesting ways in which we can “put ourselves about” to attract referrals. Remember, it is not so much a question of your thinking of referrals that you can give, but getting your friends, relations and contacts to use the services of members of the group. You must become known within your social circle as the person to go to if they want to get anybody to do anything.

Business Networking in Brentwood – Meeting review 13th March

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 13th March 2014.

A disappointing start with only 18 members present;

One visitor from last week returned, Stuart Smallcombe who submitted his application for membership, things were starting to look up.

Next came the Education Slot. Our guest speaker was Howard Bullock.

Things were starting to get better; his message delivered, Moses like, from a tablet to the waiting multitude produced 14 commandments.

Billericay Business networking meeting review 11th March

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 11th March 2014.

20 Members present and 2 visitors, Chris Adams of CPA Technology and Iain Bell of Creative Re-Creations.

A good turnout enjoyed a buffet breakfast which saw scrambled eggs with green (chives to you) and a set up that is more fitting the way the meeting is run. Everybody had their breakfast before them by just after five past seven and virtually everyone had finished by the time we started at quarter past seven.

We will persist with the format and for those of a healthy disposition; apparently there will be cereal next week…as well!!

Brentwood Business Networking Visitors day review

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 6th March 2014.

Our visitors breakfast meeting.  Lots of positives to take away from the meeting.

Positive 1

When I normally arrive at my usual time of 5.56 am my only companion tends to be Paul Booth. This time there were already half a dozen members waiting outside the doors of the Golf Club to be let in.

Positive 2

A lot of members have worked very hard in chasing round potential visitors and last minute checks made us anticipate around 20 to 25 likely arrivals.

Positive 3

Like a well oiled machine we set up and were ready by 6.15. for the first arrivals and by then we had 21 members present.

On the slightly negative side there was a disappointing turnout of visitors despite the promises and we finished up with 7 in all.

Positive 4

2 of the 7 are positive about joining, Stuart Smallcombe, a previous member has promised to turn up next week and Vivienne Kleyn from Barter Card  has filled in an application to join which can be considered by the committee next week.

Dawn is to be congratulated in introducing 3 visitors.  All visitors bar one expressed a continuing interest but it will remain to be seen whether they follow through with applications for membership.

Business Networking in Billericay – a Weekly Review 4th March

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog, Tuesday 4th March 2014.

17 members in attendance, for the first time for several weeks there were no visitors but we have the promise of several coming up in the next week or so.

It is with immense pride that I can report that my Leadership Team managed to stand up and introduce themselves without a mistake. They all remembered their names, what their title was, and what they did. It doesn’t get better than that!