Business Networking Review – Brentwood EBF 29th May

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 29th May 2014.

Given the holidays, a reasonable turnout; 18 members and 1 visitor Sophie Eades of Suprema.

David Plumley’s Ed Slot examined how you should manage your busy and quiet times and the concept of under promising and over performing. It was further notable for the wiggle/wriggle debate and that should you give yourself “wiggle room” or “wriggle room”. My preference is for wriggle, what’s yours?

Brentwood Business Networking Review 8th May

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 8th May 2014

20 members present and 2 visitors Gary Waskett, who is only a re-joining fee away from being a member and Sophie Eades, Michael Adelizzi daughter and guest.

Top table was depleted, with Brian Painter standing in for David Plumley and Scott Griffith’s seat empty, which seat he had filled by 7.20am. As Reggie Perrin would have said “…cock up on the alarm clock front…” May that be a lesson to you all; it’s never too late to put in an appearance. If nothing else it gives me something to put in the Blog.

Business Networking at the Burstead Golf Club. 6th May

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 6th May 2014.

19 people had one thing in common. The stupidity, after a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend in particular a Monday of sunshine and relaxation, of having to drag themselves out of bed to be at meeting for just after 6 am. Our lethargic little group sustained themselves initially with coffee and orange juice as they, for the first time in their lives, questioned the value of networking.

Despite the various excuses from holidays to simply a “lie in” there were still 18 of us with 1 guest, Katie Adams representing Havens Hospice and accompanying Peter Hall.

Business Networking Meeting Review – 1st May

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 1st May 2014.

22 members attended, apologies for absence from remaining members and the sad news that due to an increase in business Chris Van Sadler no longer feels he can fill the photographer slot. Our best wishes to him for the future. We had 2 guests, Richard Pond from Connection magazine and, about to join as a member on behalf of Anthony Batty & Co – Gary Waskett. A frequent attendee of the Synergy Team Finance Group meeting, we hope to see him as a member next week.

Billericay Business Networking Review 29th April

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 29th April 2014.

A really excellent turnout, 21 of our current 23 members. Apologies for absence from the 2 missing and one of our regular visitors Dean Caldon from the Brentwood Group made up 22 in all.

Before I start on the details of what went on, please Jim, I am trying to complete the leaflet that you gave out to us all before the meeting began. It is causing me great confusion. I am trying to get everything to add up to £461.50. Can you give me any guidance? I think I will be selective.

Brentwood Business Networking meeting review – 24th April

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 24th April 2014.

A timely reminder by the Meeting Secretary on Wednesday 23rd April 2014 of member’s obligations to attend meetings regularly brought out one or two faces we had not seen for some time. One of these I had thought was dead. I will not mention names if only to ensure that fate is not tempted. It was therefore 21 bright smiling faces that looked up as I rang the bell to start the meeting, mobile phones were disengaged, mouths of the leadership team were empted of food before the introductions were made and the scene was set for an Ed Slot delivered by our Pilgrim, Brian Painter.

Billericay Business Networking meeting review 22nd April

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

Our smallest meeting for some time, with 7 apologies for absence;

An intimate group of 13 sat around the breakfast table. Even the fact that those of us at the meeting had robust appetites, as a group we were unable to cope entirely with the Burstead Golf Club “bangers”, although the breakfast was up to its usual standard.