Networking Meeting Review – Brentwood EBF 3rd July

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 3rd July 2014.

21 present including Janice Bentley-Pearson for the second time. She is threatening to join. On an upbeat note, we were also pleased to welcome Gary Waskett and Vivienne Nwalema as fully fledged members of our group; Vivienne from the Billericay group and Gary representing a renewed membership for Anthony Batty & Co.

It was the first week of a new month. Howard Bullock, in the first of many appearances, won the Performance League for June by a clear margin, well done Howard.

Brentwood EBF Meeting Review 26th June

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business networking Blog Thursday 26th June 2014

18 members present with 2 visitors Mark Blackham from Hyundai, attending for the second time and Janice Bentley-Pearson a business adviser and first time visitor. The former has been approved by the Committee and we are hoping to get his membership sorted out for next week. The later expressed a clear wish to join us and we hope to see her next week.

David Plumley produced an Ed Slot that warned us of our overall demeanour in dealing with our clients, to be positive (no moaning) and to go the extra mile.

Business Networking in Billericay with Essex Business Forum

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 24th June 2014.

21 in all present including 2 visitors, Lewis Hackney for the second time clutching a membership application form, we hope to induct him next week and Ian Stanley who specialises in removal and storage, who was here for the first time and was threatening to turn up next week.

Nige Kirby used the Ed Slot to tell poignant little story.  The desire to do something good to help our fellow man was at the heart of the tale and also how we should approach our networking.  We should be looking for referrals for each other ahead of anything else and if we all do this we will all of course receive the level of referrals that will make our membership at EBF worthwhile.

Billericay Business Networking review – 17th June

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 17th June 2014

16 members and 1 visitor, Lewis Hackney of Aaron Paving, a guest of Jim Henshaw who is threatening to return next week… and join – let’s hope so.

One or two noticeable absentees including Nige Kirby has injured his ankle as a result of something a man of his age should avoid…exercise. Let’s hope you are well for next week Nige, we missed you. In the meantime Brian Painter stood in for him as Education and Development Officer and Richard Wallis stepped into the breach to deliver an Ed Slot that was aimed at the DIY marketeer. His basic advice was to have a plan… a very good idea. To write it down on the back of a “fag” packet did not quite meet the approval of Mr Painter however.