The “Brian Painter Experience” EBF Christmas Meeting

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 18th December 2014

Such is the enthusiasm for “The Brian Painter Experience” that 9 of us were waiting at the door to be let in at 6.30am.

The best turn out for many months. 25 members in all and all bearing gifts. This was of course Secret Santa’s day and the presents were duly displayed at the back of the room. Most had the recipient’s name and some even had the donor’s name which took away the secret part of it…..never mind!

Brentwood Business Networking Review at EBF 11th Dec.

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 11th December 2014.

It was a reasonably good turnout, 20 in all, 10 of whom appear, from the members sign in to have been battering the door down at 6.30.

The Ed Slot was retained by our Education and Development Office himself David Plumley, his theme this week was trust, the necessity to build it and the importance of maintaining it.

As to the Performance League, Paul Booth was out in front closely followed by the Kevin’s; the Kevins I refer to do not include the honorary Kevin….Alan Shaw.

Billericay Business Networking Blog 2nd December

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Tuesday 2nd September 2014.

Initially only 10 members were present during the meeting then Ian Stanley arrived.  After a series of personal problems he declared himself ready to resume his attendance,welcome back Ian.  Before he arrived he missed Hugo’s Ed Slot.  He had us drawing again but this time not up a ladder but a pyramid.  He then created as ladder within the pyramid, but as he called them boxes many members had difficulty with this. It did not bode well for the rest of the Ed Slot, but in fact it was a very interesting piece. How you are perceived by your client from generalist to celebrity with 3 stops on the way and how this governed the price you could charge for your services and the trust levels that you have with your customers. 

Business Networking in Brentwood with EBF – 27th Nov

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 27th November 2014.

On the attendance front it was good news / bad news. Starting with the bad news, only 18 members in attendance; Janis Bentley-Pearson always tries to do her bit by signing in 2 spaces but I am afraid it was only 18. Good news, Ian Chance Business Development Manager for Godiva Print attended as Scott Griffiths‘ guest and expressed a positive interest in joining.