EBF Brentwood Business Networking – 23rd Jan

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 23rd January 2014

I search round every week for a theme for this Blog and this time it presented itself before the meeting even started.

A roll call of absentees had seemingly risen from their sick bed to tender their excuses, laid low by the dreaded Montezuma’s revenge, gippy-tummy, call it what you will. I counted at least 7 apologies for absence based upon over active sphincter muscle activity at both ends of the body. One member bravely struggled in with symptoms, could not participate in breakfast, sipped water throughout the meeting and only had to excuse herself during the meeting on one occasion. Well done Tina, it is probably a feat that will not be bettered throughout the year of 2014. Despite the co-incidence of reasons of absence different sources were blamed.

Business Networking Blog Review – 16th Jan.

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog – Thursday 16th January 2014.

It was the old maestro himself, David Plumley who presented the Ed Slot this week and he emphasised the importance of and in the following order:-

1. Attending the meeting, it is the bedrock of your membership

2. Using or at least having a gmail account to use with your business

3. Signing up to Street life as an excellent way of generating referrals

I can vouch for the latter as I have already got a referral out of it.

Essex Business Forum Brentwood Business Networking blog – 9th Jan

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 9th January 2014.

We heralded the New Year with a turnout of 24 members and new appointments to the Leadership Team.

Howard Bullock stood down as Chairman after an excellent year presiding over the committee.  His place is taken by Richard Reed who, if he brings skills he brings to the leadership of the Business to Consumer Synergy Team he will undoubtedly  be a great success.

Terry Maylin takes  a new position,  created to co-ordinate membership and attendance.  His current title is “The Enforcer”.  Apparently he is buying himself a pair of new boots which will probably help him at work as well.

Kim Redwood-Lee is taking over Terry’s role as Events Co-ordinator.  We had some good social events last year and he is a hard act to follow.  We would expect her to rise “womanfully” to the task.

Brentwood Business Networking Review – 12th December

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 12th December 2013.

20 members present.

The Ed slot was delivered by our regular Education Officer, Dave “the cat” Plumley, suitably attired to lull us into thinking he was delivering a box of Milk Tray. In fact he delivered a rather good 2 part Ed Slot which reminded us of the usefulness of Streetlife as a promotional tool some potential referrals having arisen from the use of this by members since our darkly clad educator first mentioned it last week. He then went on to remind a us how difficult it was to get new clients and therefore the importance of taking good care of our existing clients. A good start to lead us into the 60 second round.

Howard Bullock from Clear Financial Advice

Business Networking in Brentwood – Meeting Review 28th Nov

Chairman’s Blog Thursday 28th November 2013

A better turnout than in recent weeks, 23 including visitor Geoff Hunwick, Domestic and Commercial Cleaner who is threatening to join.

It was our Education Officer himself  who delivered the Ed Slot.  David told of the rebuilding of the Japanese economy after the Second World War and one W Edwards Demming whose management style and principles formed the basis of Japan’s emergence as a major economic power.  David’s theme was the first of 14 principles that the said W.E.D enunciated, namely your constant purpose in business should be improvement and the production of good quality.  It certainly resonates with promotional side of EBF, As we put ourselves forward as trusted traders.  We were invited to research further into Mr Demming.  I do not k now whether that means we will get questioned on this next week, watch this space.

Brentwood business networking meeting review Nov 21st

Chairman’s Blog Thursday 21st November 2013.

19 present, no visitors this week.

Despite the low turnout there was a buzz about the pre breakfast networking which carried over into the meeting.

The Ed Slot was delivered by Brian Painter who reminded us all of the importance giving testimonials, not only to the recipient but also to the members and visitors hearing how well any particular individual has performed. Remember when writing your testimonial, to quote the Pilgrim, “…it’s not War and Peace…” he might have gone on to say, something pithy preferably. Scott Griffiths also chipped in with the suggestion that we should not only produce the testimonial in written form to the meeting but also post it on line through the various social media/EBF Website.

Brentwood EBF Business Networking Blog

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 14th November 2013.

26 in all including Jeni Pritchard for the last time as a visitor and Mark Reynolds of Group Trader Network Limited.

A good turnout heralded a fitting send off for Jason Nortey, attending his last meeting before moving to pastures new. I start the Blog by referring to him even though his send off was a presentation immediately before the Referrals Round. It was a great meeting befitting a farewell to someone who has been one of our best members over the last few years and fitting tributes were paid to him during the Referrals Round. Amongst other things he was presented with an Oscar to remember us by.