Billericay Business Networking Blog 4th Nov

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, 5th November 2014

“Always remember the 5th November, gunpowder treason and plot”… you see, it’s the 5th November that most people remember either because they have an historical sense of the importance of why the Houses of Parliament should not have been destroyed, because you like fireworks or perhaps more importantly, love the taste of toffee apples. But who remembers the 4th November… apart from people who like burning other people’s bonfires down the night before!

Well…we do. In particular we all enjoyed our 4th November meeting when lots of strange things happened.

Brentwood Business Networking Blog 30th October

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 30th October 2014.

The shock of a new format for our meeting clearly scared several people away.  We were 18 in number present to meet the challenge of a later arrival time and earlier start to the meeting and a later time for breakfast.  All very confusing I know!  Still, we struggled through, in fact I would go so far as to say we positively sailed through.  Another couple of weeks and we should have ironed out any gremlins… if that’s what you do to gremlins.

Brentwood Business Networking Group – meeting review 23rd oct

Kevin RadfordBusiness Networking Blog – A review of our meeting (23rd Oct 2014) by Kevin Radford

I suppose I should start this blog with the old adage “You should be careful what you wonder” , having finished last week’s guest blog with the words I wonder how Aidan is able to produce such a well written amusing piece every week (in fact twice a week because he does Billericay as well) I find myself in the position of being invited to guest blog again this week.

Business Networking review 2nd October

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 2nd October 2014.

Well another month is over, characterised by really good attendance levels, an average amount of business passed, but business recorded (£40,000). The clear winner of the performance league – Kevin Radford. How does he do it… he gives lots of referrals; he probably has the same opportunities as all of us but he recognises them and converts them for the members benefit. We could all learn from his consistency. It doesn’t stop it from being irritating though!