Billericay Business Networking Review – 11th Feb

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog for Tuesday 11th February 2014.

20 members present and 2 visitors Dean Caldon from the Brentwood Meeting and Tim Farmer, Basil Fawlty Impersonator…and I am proud to record at the outset that we reached the end of the meeting without mentioning the war!

Paul Lefever attended his first meeting as a new member despite not having received my telephone voice mail message congratulating him . Somewhere in the country there is someone saying “ ‘Eh!, our mother, did you ‘ear that message from a bloke from EEEEE,BF”. There was also one really outstanding apology for absence, Iain Douglas actually attended specifically for this purpose, an effort that properly deserves points.

New member Vivienne Nwalema was duly inducted and received her EBF goody bag.