Business Networking Review – Brentwood – 21st Aug

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 21st August 2014.

Once again our ranks were depleted by the holiday season but we mustered 17 including Alex Pink who is with us for the last time as a visitor.

Nonetheless the sun was shining, there had been good networking before the breakfast. This week we had an Ed Slot delivered by Terry Maylin who gave us a welcome reminder of not only the importance of the 60 second round, particularly when coupled with regular attendance, but also pointers on presentation which we should bear in mind.

August 14th Business Networking Meeting Review – Brentwood EBF

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 14th August 2014.

Once again a really good turnout given the fact that we are in the holiday season; 20 members present and 1 visitor, Marvin Angel of Barter Card.

Therefore let me start the Blog with congratulations to all members for the level of attendance they have achieved over the last 5 or 6 weeks, which has helped to give the meetings a real buzz.

Billericay Business Networking Review – EBF 12 August

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Tuesday 12th August 2014

I am writing this Blog in the evening of the aforementioned date whilst casting my mind over the events of the morning and how I should report them to you.

August is traditionally the “silly season” and lots of us are away on holiday and numbers are traditionally down. We mustered 14.

We had received appropriate apologies from missing persons and as the day unfolded the members email revealed in more detail the whereabouts at breakfast time of Ian Nicholson and Christine Arnold.

Brentwood Business Networking Meeting Review 24/7

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 24th July 2014.

24/7, as it was christened, produced a good turnout 22 members and 3 guests. Darryl Oung, who advises the construction industry on Sub Contracts and Sub Contractors, Kudzai Sibanda from Recruitment Health Care and for the second time Alex Pink who produces online video/film. With 1 or 2 on holiday and Graham Wright emailing us that he was approaching recovery we continued with good attendance as last week.

Guest presenter of the Ed Slot was Brian Painter, who compared the various ways of getting new business and in particular emphasised the value of person recommendation, particularly through networking.

Billericay Business Networking Review – 22nd July

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog, Tuesday 22nd July 2014.

19 members present.

Fresh back from holiday, Nige Kirby presented the Ed Slot which was all about presenting yourself. The 60 round and the 10 minute slot are all about preparation. It involves confidence, eye contact, passion and finally, please remember to smile!!

It was therefore with a smile on our faces that we inducted Chris Vernon, welcome Chris and we approached the 60 second round.

Business Networking meeting in Billericay – Review 16th July

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 15th July 2014.

Several returning from holiday produced 18 members and 3 guests. Ian Stanley for the last time as he was inducted as a new member and the Chrises Vernon who have applied to join. They have been accepted by the committee and therefore will be members next week. With Ian Nicholson’s announcement that he might have found a photographer, let’s keep up the good work in attracting visitors and therefore potentially new members, well done everybody.