The EBFTA awards at the EBF 7th Birthday meeting

It was our Anniversary Day and a Doris Day.

As we moved into our seventh year our annual review was presented to the meeting and the awards presented. The awards, from now on to be known as the EBFTAs, came later.

On our birthday there were 24 members present, a good turnout.

The Doris in question was the storm that was crossing the country during the course of our Anniversary Day. Somehow the weather seems different now that we name our storms.

Love is in the air at Essex Business Forum

Despite the absence of several members through half term children duly there was good turnout of 22 members.

Our alternative meeting agenda was used this week to accommodate an Education Session provided by Len Maylin, a Public Speaking Coach. The essence of our alternative meeting is that we limit ourselves to the 60 second round together with the referrals round thereby leaving a reasonable period of time for Education or other matters in the second half of the meeting.

Aidan squire

Brentwood Business Networking Blog 19th Jan

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 19th January 2017.

Back on track with numbers, 22 Members and 1 visitor Dimi Bakalov who makes “stairways to heaven”. We hope he will return next week.

Kim Redwood-Lee delivered the Education Slot and pointed out some of the not so obvious benefits from being a member of the group which includes; making friends, practising public speaking and having a network of people available for guidance through our email network. She prefaced her presentation by stating that she could see us all.  In theory that meant we could see her, but perhaps that did not automatically follow. Nonetheless it was a useful reminder to us of all the benefits of EBF.

Aidan squire

Brentwood Business Networking Blog, 12th Jan

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 12th December 2017.

Back in the full swing of things there was a good turnout, 23 Members and 2 visitors Len Maylin and former Billericay member Ian Stanley.  Ian is threatening to return and join up.

David Plumley delivered the Ed Slot and focused on the 60 second round and our presentations.  Amongst many suggestions the ultimate advice is that you should prepare your 60 seconds so that you do not mumble, stumble or otherwise bumble.

Aidan squire

Brentwood Business Networking Blog 5th January

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog 5th January 2017.

New Year’s hangovers and Christmas germs having been picked up from relatives rendered our first meeting of the New Year a little light on personnel.

There were 16 of us in attendance and we kicked off with an Ed Slot from Jill Willis. Her themes were that New Year’s Resolutions were effectively negative, they were highlighting problems or things that have not hitherto been achieved.  She advocated a positive approach,  a “summer time state of mind”; seeing problems in good time, taking steps to address them and then moving forward must be the theme for the New Year.  All of this grown up information was illustrated from a book that is aimed at 7 year olds upwards… 74 if you want.  A very interesting start to the New Year.