The EBFTA awards at the EBF 7th Birthday meeting

It was our Anniversary Day and a Doris Day.

As we moved into our seventh year our annual review was presented to the meeting and the awards presented. The awards, from now on to be known as the EBFTAs, came later.

On our birthday there were 24 members present, a good turnout.

The Doris in question was the storm that was crossing the country during the course of our Anniversary Day. Somehow the weather seems different now that we name our storms.

Love is in the air at Essex Business Forum

Despite the absence of several members through half term children duly there was good turnout of 22 members.

Our alternative meeting agenda was used this week to accommodate an Education Session provided by Len Maylin, a Public Speaking Coach. The essence of our alternative meeting is that we limit ourselves to the 60 second round together with the referrals round thereby leaving a reasonable period of time for Education or other matters in the second half of the meeting.