EBF Weekly Business Networking meeting review – 12th April 2012

Chairman’s Blog – Meeting  Thursday 12th April 2012

Slightly depleted ranks through holidays and illness, but we still managed 28 in all with 3 guests, Ben Keevil, Manager of the Rising Sun, Billericay and Suresh Kumar and Nishanth Reddy of Avenir Business Solutions.

Claire Greenslade offered her apologies for non attendance as a result of an early morning visit to Accident and Emergency – I hope all is well Claire and I look forward to your induction as our most recent recruit next week.

The 60 second round was sort of joined up this week.

Health and safety overkill to be challenged by official body common sense on the horizon?

Health and Safety Executive sets up mythbusters panel to tackle misuse of legislation by ‘jobsworths’ The mythbusters panel will aim to get rid of ‘daft’ rules such as a ban on children playing conkers without goggles Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA An official voice to combat misuses of health and safety legislation is being launched by ministers.…