Business Network Meeting review 5th July 2012

Chairman’s Blog – Meeting  Thursday 5th July 2012

27 members present, 1 guest.  Rob Conroy from Intelligent Business Solutions Limited.

Unmitigated joy at being back within the bosom of EBF.   Arrived early only to find that Paul Booth had been there since 5.40 a.m. – but he was on the door this week.

I had fond memories of my last meeting because of the soft scrambled eggs.   Although it has not spoilt my day this weeks’ firmer offering I feel was more to the taste of the majority.   However, Howard Bullock’s description of “bouncy” made you feel it could have been put to better uses than food.

Driving in France

On 1st July new legislation brought in by the French government requires all motorists to carry a breathalyser kit in their car and, if caught without one, will face a fine of €11 (£9.00). Single-use breathalyser kits are available from as little as £2 and should be available from ferry port shops and other high-street retailers; it is a good idea to carry at least two single-use kits so if one is required a spare is still available, preventing a fine being issued if stopped by the French police.