Brentwood Business Networking Blog 4th September

Aidan SquireChairmans Business Networking Blog, Thursday 4th September 2014

Thought we had 20 plus one visitor, Ed Crocker, former member who has sort of reinvented himself, however at 7.19 am, yes I was looking, Alan Shaw, like a ferret down a trouser leg, was in his seat, so we were 22 in all.

Paul Booth figured prominently initially. He was the runaway winner of the August Performance League and delivered the Ed Slot. His regular performance levels deserve attention by us as to what he says about our Group. His point today was the importance of Visitors, whether converted into members or not. It is important that we all are vigilant for new members. The more members the more business. This initiative is being pursued as I write this blog. May I add my voice to the encouragement for all of us to concentrate over the next few weeks on Visitors.