Brentwood Business Networking meeting review – 28th Aug

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business networking Blog, Thursday 28th August 2014.

Once again, notwithstanding that it is holiday time, a good turnout, 21 members in all.

David Plumley delivered the Ed slot and rather dramatically called 3 volunteers. Now volunteering so far as our Education and Development Officer is concerned has its roots in the army, or at least the armed services. Stuart Smallcombe, Peter Hood and Richard Reed were therefore ordered to the front. The rest of the audience were asked to guess certain things about the 3 stooges. A recent screening of the Full Monty left Tina somewhat disappointed that nobody took their trousers off but generally David managed to get our attention and get over his message as to how we find out information about our fellow members to enable referrals to be made.