Billericay Business Networking review – 17th June

Aidan SquireChairman’s Business Networking Blog Tuesday 17th June 2014

16 members and 1 visitor, Lewis Hackney of Aaron Paving, a guest of Jim Henshaw who is threatening to return next week… and join – let’s hope so.

One or two noticeable absentees including Nige Kirby has injured his ankle as a result of something a man of his age should avoid…exercise. Let’s hope you are well for next week Nige, we missed you. In the meantime Brian Painter stood in for him as Education and Development Officer and Richard Wallis stepped into the breach to deliver an Ed Slot that was aimed at the DIY marketeer. His basic advice was to have a plan… a very good idea. To write it down on the back of a “fag” packet did not quite meet the approval of Mr Painter however.