Brentwood Business Networking Visitors day review

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog, Thursday 6th March 2014.

Our visitors breakfast meeting.  Lots of positives to take away from the meeting.

Positive 1

When I normally arrive at my usual time of 5.56 am my only companion tends to be Paul Booth. This time there were already half a dozen members waiting outside the doors of the Golf Club to be let in.

Positive 2

A lot of members have worked very hard in chasing round potential visitors and last minute checks made us anticipate around 20 to 25 likely arrivals.

Positive 3

Like a well oiled machine we set up and were ready by 6.15. for the first arrivals and by then we had 21 members present.

On the slightly negative side there was a disappointing turnout of visitors despite the promises and we finished up with 7 in all.

Positive 4

2 of the 7 are positive about joining, Stuart Smallcombe, a previous member has promised to turn up next week and Vivienne Kleyn from Barter Card  has filled in an application to join which can be considered by the committee next week.

Dawn is to be congratulated in introducing 3 visitors.  All visitors bar one expressed a continuing interest but it will remain to be seen whether they follow through with applications for membership.