EBF Brentwood Business Networking – 23rd Jan

Chairman’s Business Networking Blog Thursday 23rd January 2014

I search round every week for a theme for this Blog and this time it presented itself before the meeting even started.

A roll call of absentees had seemingly risen from their sick bed to tender their excuses, laid low by the dreaded Montezuma’s revenge, gippy-tummy, call it what you will. I counted at least 7 apologies for absence based upon over active sphincter muscle activity at both ends of the body. One member bravely struggled in with symptoms, could not participate in breakfast, sipped water throughout the meeting and only had to excuse herself during the meeting on one occasion. Well done Tina, it is probably a feat that will not be bettered throughout the year of 2014. Despite the co-incidence of reasons of absence different sources were blamed.