Essex Business Forum Business Networking meeting review 19th July

Chairman’s Blog – Meeting  Thursday 19th July 2012

24 members present.  Jason Nortey had arrange a sub, Charlie Copping of Coopers and we had 2 visitors, Jamie Nye from Martin & Co., Estate Agents and Daniel Hawkins from Broadwalk Property Management.

Everyone had to suffer me doing the Education Slot this week, but I will remind you of the challenge.   “Givers Gain” is a very effective slogan that BNI used and we are looking for a slogan that will encapsulate our networking group as effectively as “Givers Gain” does with BNI.   A £50.00 voucher to any member who comes up with the epithet that EBF can adopt as its own.   If we don’t get a suitable one no one will get the prize.  If we get more than one each will get a £50.00 voucher.   Please think hard about this and let us have plenty of ideas to choose from.   This is an ongoing search so whenever the idea strikes you let us know.