Meeting Review 6th December 2012

Chairman’s Blog – Meeting  Thursday 6th December 2012

25 members present, 1 guest, Charlie Hancock, a Graphic Designer. A really good turn out given the inclement weather.   Thanks to everyone for making the effort.

The Education Slot anticipated the 60 second round.   Let me elucidate.   David Plumley regaled us with further urgings from Elbert Hubbard who was a man very much into orientation and how that could make us better people.   One of his orientations is goal orientation.   Indeed I believe this is the first one.   The opening contribution to the 60 second round was the great man Alan Shaw himself who had been inspired by acting for a girl friend, some one who plays for Arsenal.   He apparently wants to meet more WAGS.   Not to be out done Graham Thurston claimed to have “done” lots of West Ham footballers.   Now there’s goal orientation for you.