Ten point Computer Health Check

10 point I.T. Health Check

Information Technology and computing in general … possibly the fastest moving aspect of the modern world. Much of the equipment we are using right now will be outdated and slow within 4 to 5 years simply because of changing demands and new approaches. Programmes and processes constantly evolve to increase efficiency and productivity. But older hardware struggles to keep up.

We need a simple strategy which will help us stay in control of our I.T. and computing requirements.  Without a plan we can end up wasting endless man-hours trying to cope with systems that don’t quite deliver what our businesses need. This may be due to outdated hardware, incorrect software and poor implementation.

Preparing to Speak

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Be Specific

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BIZ – 2 – CONSUMER Power Group Meeting

BIZ – 2 – CONSUMER Power Group Meeting 16th January 2012 Present: Richard Reed – Prestige Holiday & Travel Ltd. [email protected] Brian Painter – Pilgrim Hypnotherapy [email protected] Dawn Ribnell – Metlock Printers Ltd. [email protected] Marcelle Saad – Marcelle Saad Diamonds [email protected] Hugh Nicholas – Qudos Photography [email protected] David Plumley – Integrate Networks Ltd. [email protected] Sarada…